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a young forever army

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    Guys..this is the author of the book. This is one of my other accounts. I've forgotten the password, but luckily I remembered my old password. If you want to continue reading this book, I will publish the book on this account (17BangtanLover). Thank you!
    wings ~ jjk
    wings ~ jjk
    "Why should I run..when I need you? This fire inside of me has pushed me to find the most beautiful moment in life...now that I've found you..why can't I have you? "
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    mumbled "New Story!"

    I made a new story and it's really crappy! People who read, please do not judge, I know I'm a horrible writer but I don't need anyone to say it to my face. Please be polite! Thank you!
    4 years ago
    I've made like three accounts and I made a story on one of my accounts.....then I forgot the password and remembered this password....so i'm going to continue Silent Tease alongside the story I started on my other account (youngforever_army). It's kinda confusing but once you read it two or three times you'll understand.
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    Are you gonna update? I really hope so! I really enjoyed this!
    A Maze Runner fanfic inspired by Newt. Please don't cry if you read this. You have been warned.
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