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One Direction (Fav. Song(s): Happily)
IM5 (Zero Gravity, Superman, or Heartless)
5sos (Kiss Me Kiss Me)
Little Mix (Competition or Boy)
R5 (If I Can't Be With You)
Hunter Hayes (I Want Crazy)
Carrie Underwood (Good Girl or Blown Away)
Bruno Mars (It Will Rain or Young Girls)
Taylor Swift (Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran)
Justin Bieber (Fall)

The Wanted (Least Fav. Song(s): EVERYTHING)

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    mumbled "Bye!!"

    By the way, to anyone who even reads these, the only reason I'm keeping this account is because people seemed to like Catch NE When I Fall. I don't think it would be fair to take it down if people actually do like it just don't expect to see me ever on here unless it's editing.
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    mumbled "Updating"

    Hey guys I'm grounded but on a computer at school so I can say this really quickly. I got grounded because of my grade in a college class even though I'm a freshman so I will get my friend @[FlyAwayYouTubers] to publish the chapters i will write in a notebook. Bear with her because it takes her forever to type but at least you may get something! Peace!

    PS Check out Just Sayin' by 5sos and the music video of Night Changes by One Direction
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    mumbled "Updating"

    @[FlyAwayYouTubers] we need to start updating on So This Is Love some more, I just put one up so that means we have one more chapter written! (BTW I'm on mom's computer)
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    mumbled "Another Account? "

    So I have this class in high school in creative writing and in the class we have to do a journal. In this journal we write anything random so mostly I do story ideas. I have so many that I like that I'm thinking of making a separate account so this one doesn't have 20 books. What do you thinj?
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    mumbled "Wherever We Are Sequel "

    I will have the sequel up with my new co author @[FlyAwayYouTubers] either tomorrow or tuseday or wensday at least but before then will have the trailer up
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