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    mumbled "Help please. (I'm being bullied)"

    6 years agoReply
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    I really need someone's help. I am currently being bullied, but please first listen to what happened:

    About two weeks ago my two best friends (Let's call them F and S) yelled at me so that sort of left me to sit alone that same day at lunch.
    The next day I was halfway through my first lunch when I asked another friend (Ju) if I could hang out with her, she said yes.
    So I was invited to a great group of people but people were wondering why I all of a sudden was hanging out with them. So I told them what happened about me and F and S and I, of course, ended out crying.
    After that lunch Ju was there saw me cry was talking to another girl, who happened to be one of best friends since I was seven, but lately we've been drifting apart - Her code name will be Ja.
    So the Ju told Ja that I was crying at lunch and Ja said 'she only cried for attention.'

    When Ju told me this is made me so sad and annoyed that my best friend from when I was seven said this to me!
    More things began to happen after this. F and S began telling people not to talk to me and they started talking about me behind my back and told one of my friends (His name will Jad) that I need to 'grow up'.
    So for the past two weeks, F and S had been doing similar things. Yesterday, it got worse.

    My Mum told me that there was something wrong with me and so I had to walk to school crying. When I was at school I was still crying and hid myself in a corner.
    When it was time for class, I was still bawling my eyes out. Thats when my good friend Ju aksed if I was okay and that was when my teacher got involved. I told her that things had been going on with a few girls in my class and stuff at home.
    So I was sent to the guidance counsellor but he wasn't there so I didn't bother.

    Later on after school I got a text message from S saying that she somehow knew that I was having family problems and saying how she too was stressed with assessment and she said that I could always talk to her.
    That made me so mad. The last person I wanted to talk to said that it was okay to talk to her.
    I just replied with 'Thanks for saying that to my face'.

    I think S realises that it's been two weeks and someone needs to make a move.

    But then there is the problem with F.
    Today I had to do a speech and before I had to I accidently looked over at F and she was laughing with S and when she saw me look at her she glared at me.
    So once I started the speech she was glaring at me and I lost concentration and messed up because she was giving me this long cold stare. After I finished everyone was clapping but she was slowly clapping until I reached my desk. Last one to start clapping and last one to stop. Let's put emphasis on the fact that she was SLOW CLAPPING AND GLARING.

    It was then the end of the day so I ran out of the classroom in tears until somebody stopped me. I then started bawling my eyes out a few more people came to me and told me was okay and then one of them sorta strated to make fun of F to make me feel better by saying that her eyebrows look like Harry Potter's scar sideways. That made me feel better although I was still upset.

    Later on this evening I had to explainn everything to Jad who got F's side of the story.
    Apparently (Acording to F) I was the one who was glaring at F.

    So now I'm just realy annoyed that F is making it look like I'm the bully, so thanks for reading but I really need some help/
    6 years ago
    Talk to a counsellor or a trusted adult. Consider trying to make new friends. These girls don't sound so nice. My mother also told me things like "it was your fault" when my stuff got tossed into the lunch bins. Don't listen to that. This is not your fault. You are a good person, and these insecure girls envy you and are trying to bring you down with them.

    Take it from someone who went through all these things, lost all her friends (including my best friend since age 6), and sat alone for four years at lunch, it does get better after high school. Start befriending new people who make you feel happy to be around them.

    Know that many of us are here to talk if you need anything. :)
    Le Fox
    6 years ago
    oh, and also, if you are in high school, I think sometimes you can move classes.
    Harry potter Gang
    I'm so sorry what is happening to you. Me myself had got bullied only for a couple of days. But I stilled disliked it. I hope you don't mind if I don't share it, for its a little embarrassing. My advise to you is to stand up to them. Tell them that "whatever they do to try and make you feel bad, is not working. Because you believe in yourself, and nothing they do or say is going to stop that. " Also say "that it would be nice to be friends again, but if she doesn't want to, you will find new friends." You can also add this if you want. "Say If you were me true friends, you wouldn't be doing this to me." I really hope you do it. Because that's the only way a bully realizes to stop. If they keep on doing it, go on with your life. Live, Love, and Laugh. Have fun. They will stop, I know it. Thanks and I hope you get your friends back. Everyone will understand why you can't update your Movellas:)
    6 years ago
    Well, I've been being bullied since I was 6 till this day (I'm 16 now and I'm in high school) and honestly I've learned that the better thing to do is that you don't have to give a d*mn f*ck about anything people can say about or to you, you don't have to give them the satisfaction of knowing that you are bothered by them, because you shouldn't already :), so another good thing to do is ignore anyone who is trying to bullying you :)
    Also, and very important: stay with all the people that stay with you no matter what's going on or what people is saying about you, because they are the only true friends :)
    I hope this can help you, and if you wanna talk, I'm here!
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    mumbled "Please Read & Like!"

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    Chapter three is up! Yay! Thanks for getting me onto the first page of most popular Harry Potter fan fiction stories this month!
    If you haven't read or liked my movella, please do:
    Is Love More Than A Memory?Nina Cuinn. A girl from a flat above a plain old bookshop, built in the busy streets of London. Her life was fairly normal until on her eleventh birthday,...
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    mumbled "Should I Co-Author?"

    6 years agoReply
    Hi guys, I was just wondering if I should co-author a book or not? I've never done it online before (I've only ever written once with a person who I ACTUALLY know).

    So, can you please tell me what it's like to co-author and finding the perfect co-author for your book?
    It's Mella
    6 years ago
    I would love to be a co-author,if you want :)
    6 years ago
    Thanks @[EmilylovePayne] but I'm wondering what it's like, I'm not looking for a co-author at the moment :)
    It's Mella
    6 years ago
    oh okay,nevermind :)
    Harry potter Gang
    Co-author is very fun. You get to discuss with your co-author in private, and share your ideas. That's basically all. Then it's the regular stuff. You get to invite, a co-author from your fan list. Thanks :)
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    mumbled "One Direction Concert"

    6 years agoReply
    I also have one extra ticket for a friend, and at the moment I have NO idea which one of my friend's I should take.
    I'm sorry as well about updating, I'm on holidays now so it's time for me to start writing!

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    YEY 4 U!!!
    6 years ago
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    Awwww, that's so cool hun :) you'll have lots of fun and it's wonderful, amazing and omg i don't know what to say! I'm so happy for you even when I don't know you :)
    5 years ago
    OMG SO cool I hope you have lots of fun @[Cliché Nerd] :)
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    mumbled "I'm Still Here - CHARACTER CONTEST!"

    6 years agoReply
    Hi I need a characater (Girl, please) for my movella, I'm Still Here. You will get credit in the fan fiction if you win :D If you would like to enter please tell me your character's:
    Hair Colour:
    Eye Colour:
    Skin Tone:
    Clothes Style:
    Personality Traits:
    Favourite Thing About Harry Styles:

    Enter and you have a chance to be in I'm Still Here! Please read xxx
    6 years ago
    Name: Vanessa
    Eye color: green with a hint of brown and blue
    Skin color: white with a little tan
    Hair color: dirty blond
    Hight: 5'5
    Horan Girl
    6 years ago
    (I'm describing myself. I hope that's okay.)
    Name: Cammy
    Hair Color: Brunette
    Eye Color: Blueish/greenish (I swear the change every day XD )
    Skin Tone: White with a decent tan
    Clothes Style: Band t shirts and jeans or shorts. I always wear either flip flops or tennis shoes.
    Personality Traits: Shy at first then when I warm up to people, I'm loud and funny. I love music and love writing and I love being with family and friends.
    Favorite Thing About Harry Styles: His personality. It definitely shines through. He's so sweet and adorable. He'll talk to fans and take pictures with them and he's truly considerate to everyone. :)
    6 years ago
    My personal traits: I'm a nice person until you over step me. I like to have fun no matter what we are doing. I am a peoples person, so I get along with anyone.
    My favored thing about Harry is that he is a loving funny person that I would want to spend my time with. I lover how her is alway a gentleman and never treats women wrong.
    6 years ago
    I hope I'm not too late, sorry :(
    Name: Juliett
    Hair Colour: Light brown, kinda ginger.
    Eye Colour: Kinda chocolate brown with a hint of pretty light brown.
    Skin Tone: Too pale, with some freckles over my nose and my cheeks.
    Clothes Style: Not tight, big shirts in pastel tones, big hoodies, beanies, snapbacks, skinny blue jeans, and black vans, and when I don't wear any kind of hat I do my hair in a messy pony tail, or a messy bun or a messy french braid. Did I mention I like it messy? Lol.
    Personality traits: Well, I consider myself funny, I'm a friendly person I guess, and I'm really kind with people that I love. I love to make others laugh and help them as much as possible because I don't like when someone is sad. I'm really extroverted and I always say what I think, trying to be as much politely as I can, if the situation demand it. I think I don't have much "enemies" and that kind of stuff, because i don't like that, but if I don't like you at first sight, I might won't like you, but anyways I'll give you a try because maybe I'm wrong. But sadly, most of times I'm not wrong. I'm not selfish and all that, because I don't like that and I always share everything with everybody as much as I can. And last but not least I always try to live to the fullest and the happier that I can, leaving the sad and the hurting things beside, and I'm a very positive girl :).
    Favorite thing about Harry Styles: His personality, I think he is so simple, but in a good way because he got a lot of money and he doesn't show it, I mean, he keeps being the same guy from Holmes Chapel and that's a great thing, it looks like the fame hasn't changed him.
    I looks like he would be a really best friend or something like that and you can actually tell him your secrets and he'll keep them, or if you have any problem you can count with him, and besides that he's very funny and charming.
    And obviously I love his eyes!