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    Full name: Allison Beth

    Nickname: Allie

    Battery percent: 18% :(

    iPhone or android: iPhone

    Last person I texted: my best friend

    Birthday: July 11th

    Last song I listened to: smells like teen spirit - nirvana

    Favorite colors: black and ocean blue

    Height: 5'3-4

    Current mood: bored + happy

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  • quiffordz182
    Soooooo....... I have a final tomorrow. Then I have half days til Thursday(when school gets out). But I will be updating a LOT more.

    The next update will be on Tuesday!!!!

    ~Allie :)(:
  • quiffordz182
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    ♛ Band Lovers ♛
    ♛ Band Lovers ♛
    Paige, Maria, Allie, and Jadyn are all in a band called 8th avenue. The girls all love the same type of music, mostly rock, but one band has been now noticed by them. 5 seconds of summer, a cute boy band...
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