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How to Hook a Reader

by , Thursday September 29, 2016
How to Hook a Reader


If I pick up your book and the first paragraph doesn't grab me by the ears and pull my into the pages, then why would I read the rest of it? 

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  • Ally Kendrick
    I really like it so far
    F ebr U ary - Valentines Day competition
    F ebr U ary - Vale...
    My name is Eron, pronounced, "Air-on". It's really Eros, but I gotta keep cover, people study about me. Most people would know me as Cupid and well, that is true. Every February - gross - I find 5 people...
  • Ally Kendrick

    mumbled "Book Recommendations "

    Hey guys, so I’ve been reading a lot of John Green but I finished all his books. A friend recommended Eleanor and Park which was also amazing but my reading list has coming to a crashing hault. Anyone have some suggestions for me?
    2 years ago
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    if you want a finished really good book, read @[fantaxyoreality] boo called, drops in the sky. THAT IS ONE HELL OF A PAGE TURNER.

    If you want a finished romance book, check out F ebr U ary by me. I know there are probably a lot of mistakes but Movellas says I can't go back and edit until they've announced the winners.
    2 years ago
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