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Yes for the zillionth time I'm Scottish♥

I'm also a loud and cheery person♥

Harry Potter is life♥

Cristiano Ronaldo is my husband♥

Luke Hemmings♥

  • Writer_Obsessed
    So I just thought I would let you all know im planning to update my stories I'm just getting a schedule ready so when I know that I will let you. For this week I'm going to update on Friday.
  • Writer_Obsessed

    mumbled "My Book!!!"

    I've decided to publish my story back here again and nobody is telling me to take it down because as I see it, it's my book that I want to write not yours so if you don't like it don't read it!!! If you do want to read it the book is called Pregnant at Eighteen, WHAT?
  • Writer_Obsessed

    mumbled "Story update"

    I know a lot of read my stories and don't comment which is find as I can see the views and stuff and I know some of you will be annoyed that I haven't updated them Well I've just come on to say that I don't have an exam next week, well to be honest the next big one is the 31st so i have all that time and in the time I'm going to write as many chapters i can for both stories and get them up as soon as I can.
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