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    So.....I'm new to Movellas. Can anyone tell me any good stories to read, even if they are not on here? Thanks
    3 years ago
    and don't forget to read @[DragonSoulJess]'s soul destroying stuff, not just her recommendations ;)
    3 years ago
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    Thanks so much guys. Some of my favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal and supernatural.
    3 years ago
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    Ooh, @[Alviss Brown] has some really beautiful fantasy and supernatural stuff you might be interested in?
    @[Aldrin] is also great with fantasy, and has some immensely brilliant world-building going on!!

    Now for more specific stuff:

    @[Prodigy] has a really great paranormal story called 'Run.' which is ACTUALLY GENIUS, and there's a sequel called 'Remain'. I'll drop a link to the first one below. :D (@Prodge it says it's in progress but it's finished so you might want to change that xD)
    Run. [NaNoWriMo '15]I don't ask for much. My requests are simple, and I'm certain I'll get them soon enough. Really, all I want is a good book, a nice view, and my dog by...

    And @[Victoria Raven] if you're looking for vampires and general badass writing all round :D
    The Vloodmir VampiresAVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the heart...

    ^That's also available on Amazon, and I'd definitely recommend getting it <3

    @[Mirlotta] has some short stories you might really like as well? This is one of my favourites:
    SeedYou pretend not to feel alone, but you are just as bad at pretending as you are at your job.

    And I'm not sure if you like mythological stuff as well? But @[Le Fox] has a really great movella about Apollo and Artemis:
    Silver and Gold[Entry for Strange the Dreamer competition - Option One] Artemis and Apollo are brother and sister - two halves of a whole. Artemis has always been the...

    And myself and Prodigy have written something about Icarus, Apollo and a very cool and badass siren:
    Staring at the SunIcarus, the mortal who flew too high. Apollo, the god who fell too hard. Aoide, the siren tired of singing.

    And I REALLY, REALLY need to read more of @[Molly Looby]'s stuff, but she has some stuff in those genres, I'm pretty sure? Do zombies count? She's written ZA, which I REALLY NEED TO BUY SOON. <3

    Hope that helps!! :D

    *Edit: @[BadassJem] is an incredible artist and has done some stuff related to supernatural/fantasy genres, I think???
    Drawings of Maria (and sometimes...This is where I keep all the drawings of my character, Maria McCammon, also known as Anna Lansfield. She's a buxom chick with big poofy hair. I also draw...
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