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A current user on this site, who is rather popular, but whom has decided to start another profile to write anonymously. No biased, no knowing.

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    As you don't know my real account, I felt it would be safe to do all the emotional poems on here. So here's my first one:
    Look me in the eye, and tell me you aren't shy;
    I can feel the lack of strength, and how far of a length
    you push yourself, just to pretend you have good health,
    But you skip lunch, say you had a filling brunch;
    I never believe those words, they are often slurred
    with lack of confidence, you seem to have a lack of sense,
    Your grades are slipping, your mind is almost ripping;
    You complain of being cold, your arms having firm hold
    of each other, shivering and shaking, but you say it doesn't bother,
    It is a heatwave, everyone else is burning, so stop being your own slave;
    Come out of the dark and talk to me, I can see who you want to be
    but I'm telling you that she's fake, and for her your life is at stake,
    What you're doing is destructive, this isn't how you should live;
    You're the perfect weight, I don't see what in yourself you hate
    when your eyes sing me ocean waves, and your personality is what saves,
    You're so lovely, always complimenting, all that joy you seem to bring;
    I don't get why people bully you, they don't have the slightest clue
    that you're going to get your dream job, and they'll just be part of that mob,
    That will chase you down the street, and wait along the street;
    If you stop being so insane, if you stopped letting it rain
    above you then you'd achieve that, but instead here you are sat,
    A lost girl wandering around, beaten by the blood-sucking hounds;
    You need to look ahead, think about who will be crying by your deathbed.
    Emma Bird
    5 years ago
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    Okay, you're flipping amazing. This is beautiful

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