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zam zaddy.

  • naptural
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    Hello! I love the look of your covers, and it would be great if you made me one. :)
    book title: coco chanel (lower case intended)
    author: naptural
    quote: "what can i say? i'm expensive" (lower case intended)
    characters: zayn malik, (is it okay to put the girl Instagram here?? anyways...) @elenitekeste, if you can't go by Instagram then Rihanna is perfectly fine.
    mood: colorful, more glamorous looking, lots of gold and silver.
    plot- an abused women seeking love and lots of money too, and a lonely man seeking love and someone to spend money on. (kinda like a sugar daddy)
    I don't have any extras... But thank you!

    Covers by Lumière (open)
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  • naptural

    mumbled "new story!"

    4 years agoReply
    please read my new story 'coco chanel' it's a zayn fanfic! I would appreciate if you did read it and give me any ideas for the story itself and character slots are open too.
  • naptural

    mumbled "Rant- Not So often so don't get used to it. "

    5 years agoReply
    So, Yes I've been suicide. I've tried everything in the book, to be gone. I've took pain killers, to see if I can leave and never come back, I've cut myself too many times to count, to see if I can bleed to death... But guess what I'm still here. I have to many damn problems in life to be like this. On the outside I'm being as happy as can be, smiling, laughing. But in the inside, I'm dying, a never ending black pit on the bottom of my stomach. I just found out that all my smiling and laughing I do on the outside is all fake, like I'm acting.... Because I am.

    One day, I'm going to get hella old and let life take it's way. I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of how I'm going to die. I am obsessed with death, It's been on my mind since I've found out what the definition is.

    So you know what, any girl (or boy) that tries to take there own life away think of what's in front of you, you may have a broken family, or some really messed up friendships. Only YOU can change that, only you. So you know what, don't let anybody break you down, pick your self up and make sure you ignore it, because one day your going to look back at it and laugh at how dumb it was because you... in that day, has a fabulous life, that you probably wouldn't want to change.

    Not everybody is perfect, no one is ever going to be perfect. NO ONE.

    Just make sure you make one hell of a life, before you ONCE think about picking up some pain killers, or a blade. Think, just a little, 'Do you really want to do this,' and do you want to end a life that just started?

    teen idle
    5 years ago
    i love this

    praise u <3
    5 years ago
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    Im crying .... I don't really thing you know how much that impacted me and a lot of other people. I have never really tried to do anything to myself but I know LOTS of people that have... all they need is for someone to be there for them, A lot of people in school now are joking abut cutting and saying that stupid phrase, honestly that could take a life or two, but its strong people like you that care and have a impact on peoples life ......... HEY you never know you may of saved a live or two <3
    5 years ago
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    <3 <3 <3 Thank You. I literally feel so much better typing it out. A weight is off of my shoulders.
  • naptural
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    I like It! Update!
    Facing The Incurable
    Facing The Incurab...
    Now on Wattpad............. Quinn is not normal. She can hold her breath for 30 seconds. She doesn't have a crush on the school's token bad boy and she was diagnosed with cancer when she was in the...
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