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I fan girl over every Niall picture I see.

It's a disease.

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    You guys, I'm so sorry. I have some explaining to do. So this summer was the best but worst summer all in all. My boyfriend & I moved out together, we took his dog because his mom couldn't take her where she was going, everything was good until Layla got sick & had to be put down ... After she was put down I'm more than sure that's when EVERYTHING started to fall apart... Jacob & I are no longer together & I no longer the person I use to be. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, I haven't really figured it out yet... But, our 3 year relationship ended with me being pinned to the ground by four cops, and almost being sedated. That's was almost two months ago & I still don't know how to cope with it right now. I'm working 13 hour days to keep myself occupied & not going to lie to you, I've become boarder line alcoholic. Yes I am legal age, but I've never consumed so much alcohol in my life. No I'm not telling you guys this for sympathy, I'm telling you this because I've been thinking a lot about my books & all the people who read them... & you all deserve an explanation as to why I haven't been writing. & im so sorry, but thank you all so much for your patience with me. I will be getting back into writing here soon... I just need to feel better... I love you all so much ❤️❤️
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