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    I want you to continue
    My Life as a Witch: Book 5
    My Life as a Witch...
    Clarissa and the gang are back and something's out there. No one is quite for sure but it's dangerous. Go with them as they fight what's coming and as things start to come between them all.
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    mumbled "Nominated by ClawClaw"

    I really have no idea how to do this so... yeah.
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    Name: Madison
    Nicknames: Madi, Sunstar
    Battery Percent: 57%
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    Birthday: April 24th
    Last song Listened to: Give you Hell by All American Rejects
    Favorite Colors: Purple, Sea green, Aqua Blue, and Black
    Favorite Movie: Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief
    Height: 5 foot 1 inch
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    Nominated: @[Moonwish12] just because and 2 random people that I don't know @[fanfic_madi] @[Blake Madison]
  • blizzard12989
    I remember Amanda! You described her so well, great job!
    My Life as a Witch: Book 4
    My Life as a Witch...
    Clarissa, Madison, Talia, Max, and Tanner are all back at Lumos Academy. With the school changed though, will they remember who they are and were, and their friendships together? What exciting things will...
    The Girl Who Wrote
    Thanks Blizzard, Amanda was pretty awesome. Tosha had her as a JCL too
    5 years ago
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