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What so good about picking up the pieces?????

~ Pierce The Veil 'Caraphernalia'

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    mumbled "Im so Pissed!!"

    my ex boyfriend thought I said was going to commit and I said that I wanted to.... anyway hes pissed at me and now im pissed at hime because he wouldn't listen to me... and these two amazing bands are keeping undercontrol from either punching a wall or something....
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    mumbled "ASHTON CALLED ME BAE!!!!!!"

    For those of you who are fans of 5 Seconds of Summer or just know who they are... Their drummer Ashton Irwin called me his 'bae' on Instagram!!!!!!!
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    mumbled "My British Buddy Died! :'( "

    So on Monday after my ice skationg practice my friend Brooklynn from Holmes Chapel got in a car accident. On Tuesday in my 5th period class at school, my mum called saying that Bethanee (Brooklynn's sister) texted her saying that Brookie died in Leukemia. Today would have been her 17th birthday. Her favourite colours are Pink and Black, her favourite member from 1D is Liam and her favourite member from 5SOS is Luke. I miss her greatly. I REALLY WANT MY BEST BRITISH BUDDY BACK!!!!
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    mumbled "TEEN WOLF!!!!!!"

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    I ask myself why did Alison and Aiden have to die.
    the answer.... IT WAS ALL STILES FAULT!!!!!!!
    6 years ago
    You know... Allison died to save Isaac........... Isaac didn't want to do his homework............................ Allison died because Isaac didn't want to do his freaking homework!!!!!!!!!! I cried so bad! You enjoying my Teen Wolf fanfics? ;) I saw you fanned me :P
    4 years ago
    OMG! I forgot about that!!!
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    I also have blue eyes, forgot that! XD
    Imagines(1D and 5SOS)
    Imagines(1D and...
    Want one? Just read the first chapter and comment! A favorite would help since it will tell you when it's done. *I don't do dirty ones* Sorry.
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