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Alright guys, I'm going to tell you a little about myself. My real name is Chandler, and I am female. I am obsessed with 5SOS, Glee, and Dan and Phil. I write Dan and Phil, and Glee fanfictions. Alright. now I'm going to tell you a huge secret about me that not a whole lot of people know about me, even my parents don't know. I'm a lesbian. If that changes your opinion on me, you can unfollow right now. I don't care about anyone's opinion.

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    mumbled "Updates"

    So, today I'm finally going to update books on here, so tell me which two out of these choices you want updated/published and I'll make them both today.

    -Kitten (a phanfiction)
    -Stupid Little Cat (a phanfiction)
    -Soul Mates (a 5SOS fanfiction)
    -Silent (a phanfiction)

    Just tell me which two sound the most interesting and I'll update/publish them sometime today, and I'll tag you in a post telling you that I did. (sorry if that was at all confusing)
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    mumbled "BEst friends"

    I thought that best friends were supposed to be for forever, and that they were never supposed to fade away. Boy was I wrong. I've gone from 'the girl with one friend, her best friend that does everything with her', to 'the stupid girl that has only two internet sensations and one band from Australia' in about 30 minutes
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    I'm sooo sorry... :(
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    mumbled "Tag Thing"

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    Favourite food? Probably Chicken. Or PIzza
    Favourite colour? Black and pink
    Favourite Music? Pop
    Talents? Singing, playing violin, and dancing terribly.
    In love? No
    Hobbies? reading, writing, dancing, playing violin, and watching YouTube
    Height? 5'5"
    Eye colour? Blue/Grey/Green
    Hair colour? Red. But it's dyed. My natural colour is dirty blonde
    Shirt colour? Blue
    Jeans or shorts? shorts
    Get married? I wish too
    Have kids? I do want kids
    Daydream? Yup
    Someone you love? Nope
    Someone you hate? Too many to list
    Dream job? Veterinarian or an Actress
    Pepsi or Coca Cola? Pepsi
    Currently reading? I'm reading The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by: Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire and Phil Lester aka AmazingPhil. If you haven't read it, you totally should. It's amazing.
    Biggest fear? Needles and Deep water
    A quote you live by? "SEX!" - danisnotonfire. Lol. Jk. "You don't need to look like everybody else. Love who you are." - Lea Michele

    I tag anyone who wants to do it
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