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Dabbles in witchcraft and writes all the gay :)

I'm most active on my tumblr.

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    I'm working on something new and shiny but I'm also wondering if I change all the covers to look like the Oxford world classics covers which I love so much. Also Thank you again for following me!! There is 83 of you now and that is so intense.
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    Every time I make a rare appearance you seem to multiple. I'm so thankful to all 66 of you for supporting me. I did recently release one full short story and a pilot chapter. I hope you enjoy them.
    If you want fresh news then the place to find me is my Tumblr: https://ambigioussynonym.tumblr.com/
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    44 of you are following me and I am actually super grateful because I don't deserve any of you. I literally didn't upload anything for months after that first chapter of Dalliance. I am so shocked and pleased and thankful. I hope you all have a nice day.
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