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Hello people! I am also on wattpad, so you can follow me there too!
- I play two sports (Volleyball & Cross-country)
- I love to listen to Katy Perry
- I love Hunger Games,Harry Potter, and Divergent
- I am a Ravenclaw!
- #Handsupdontshoot
- #Icantbreathe
-Team Pisces ♓️♓️
- Katycat
- Mixer
- Lloydbraz

  • Forever_Tylynne
    I'm glad you decided to finish the story and found your user name
    A Girl Named Riddle
    A Girl Named Riddl...
    Tara Scarlet Riddle believes she lives the same life as any other ordinary witch, little does she know her whole world has been built on lies. Tara doesn't know that her father, Tom Riddle, the man who...
  • Forever_Tylynne
    Can I please be an editor on your story
    team potter vs team hunger
    team potter vs tea...
    my entry for the crossover comp, plz vote peeps! p.s this is set in an alternate reality where finnick did NOT die (WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL WANTED RIGHT!) so plz play along xx
  • Forever_Tylynne

    mumbled "That Girl Next Door"

    hey guys, probably a misleading title, but now that your are trapped, I am pretty bored so if people need someone to proofread their stories... I'm here!!!!
    Victoria Raven
    5 years ago
    Blood Lust please!

    Blood Lust - Fang Ripped HeartsElectra Garcia is an Outcast, someone who is a fault in the flawless system of the ruling True - the Vampires with no ruins in the bloodline and no faults,...
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