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In case you couldn't tell, I'm gay. Nothing interesting here. Don't waste your time on me. Okie byeeeee!


by , Wednesday October 28, 2020
As I dig the blade into my skin and pull, feeling the flesh tear like paper, I sit back and observe my work. What seems like hundreds of deep, red gashes decorate my body and ooze blood, which drips soundlessly onto the tile floor of myΒ bathroom. I watch as the drops that seemed so dull in color on my skin fall to the floor, creating a vibrant red pattern, looking like a splatter painting. It's funny how once something leaves my body, it suddenly....

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    Oh my god. This is so uplifting and empowering. I never understood racial discrimination. Everyone, no matter what their skin colour is, bleeds the same as everyone else, has feelings like everyone else, and should be treated as such. No matter what. It just pisses me off.
    End The Injustice
    End The Injustice
    When is it okay to physically, mentally, or emotionally abuse a person?? Are you going to tell me or anyone for that matter, that just because a person doesn't appear to be in the exact same color spot...
    Sterling Forrest
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    Haha yeah it does me too. I am not done with this either. I am on wattpad and have a book im working on about the different injustices of this country and misunderstandings. But, thanks so much that means a lot
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