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Hi guys. I'm Crazy Cat Lady Lover. Well... welcome to my page. I like cats. Okay Bye now.

  • Crazy Cat Lady Lover

    mumbled "Hello World of Movellas"

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    Hi everyone one of you people/things.... (most likely gravity's friends) You can call me Cat. Or lady. Or lover... You get it.. Interesting fact: I'm allergic to cats. So okay....
    Crazy Cat Lady Lover
    I have a bunny. I want a cat too. My bunny's name is Mimzy she is evil as well.
    5 years ago
    Go cats. I even read stories about wild cats. Big fan. I want a cat when I move out 'cause...I can't while mom's here...and dad
    5 years ago
    I have a cat named Nibbler, we also call her Nibbles, I call her Nib - Nib. :3

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