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I'm a mildly happy person, but I have a creative mind, I am currently working on a book series and a Halo war/drama to be video taped and made for the world. I am not Cuban, I am actually Native American. My native name is Fledgling Hawk.

However, it makes me pleasure smile to think how you will all be destroyed by my overwhelming power and as I look into each one of 1D's stupid faces, I think of how much fun it would be to pound them into dust.


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    mumbled "Diablo 3 Fan Fiction in the works."

    6 years agoReply
    For all my fans of the Diablo game series, I am currently working on a fanfic from a back story of one of my characters.
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    mumbled "hey, i'm back."

    7 years agoReply
    haven't been on in a while. have a great song for you guys to listen to. it's called. Aphelion by Fired Earth Music. my hair is no longer like that. I shaved that off and now i'm just growing my normal hair back out. also, i'm looking for a nice girl if anyone is interested. anyway, I've gotta go, see ya guys. "Fury is a choice, not a sickness."
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    mumbled "Happy Birthday"

    8 years agoReply

    Today's my Birthday, send me a recommendation for one of your best books and I'll read them...
    8 years ago
    I was walking past one of the bathrooms in my school and it had a Caution Wet Floor sign, well this guy walked past me and he goes; "That's the one with the wet floor." -_-
    8 years ago
    read Sweet Blood of Mine by John Corwin
    7 years ago
    okay, i'll do it when I get a chance
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