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I am having a hard time learning how to fit in.
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  • darkbeforedawn119

    mumbled "broken words.."

    you told me you love me. but you told her your were in love with her. want kids with me, want a life with her. i'm addicted to this sadness, addicted to the pain that you give me, i want more. i want more of the love you showed me in my head, not just the bed. in a lonely world your spoke some real words. they are broken to admit that i have heard all the lies, how you need me you want me, gotta have me, but you never wanted me, you needed me is true, needed me to help make the movements of love not just the words while she was wrapped around your finger with a heart in your hands. im set to the side, set to the wrong side of your life. im that girl i will never be. you messed up by saying words to my in a world so cruel in a world so cold and broken. You held me tight that night said i was the one, while she was blowing up your phone asking where you were only to return a text to say you fell asleep early, late night calls to her to tell me your too sleepy to chat. who is first and who is last. what has to be proven that it cant be that way, love doesnt work three ways, it barley works two..
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