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Hey im christa. I'm insecure, ugly and weird. But that's me I guess...
Not coming back till October or November 2016

Christa the church lass, give it a rest. Chrissy the bad ass more like
I'm against bullying. I'm Irish, Spanish, Peurtorican, German, Austrian, Native American, Scottish.

Christa, what it means,
You can look my name up and if you do, it means Christ like, but is that really what it means?
C- Creative
H- Helpful
R- Respectful
I- Insecure
S- Smart
T- Talented
A- An Amazing friend and Person

  • Nerdy Cinderella
    Still one of the greatest trilogy’s I know. Wonder if 1D is coming back or not?
    Marriage! (5SOS) (Trilogy of Bitten!) {ON HOLD}
    Marriage! (5SOS)...
    Before you read it, go to BOOK 1 and BOOK 2, Bitten and Blood! "I object! Stop the wedding!" - Zayn Malik (Book 3) Amber is now forced to get married to Ashton Irwin by her cruel father, and she's...
    2 years ago
    No, just Harry and you can come on to continue the story
    Nerdy Cinderella
    Can’t wait!

  • Nerdy Cinderella
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    Hired for Hemmings
    Hired for Hemmings
    Jasmine Grace, a nineteen normal girl, who has always done by ex-boyfriends... Sure, she has her tough life. When she's hired by Management of Luke' to be his girlfriend, her life is complete change......
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