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Hello, my name is Jordan but people call me Jorie. I favor books by Stephen King and John Laymen. I am very literate. I'm the girl reading the book at the party being quiet and to myself. If I read romance (Which I admit I am a big sucker for) I usually write down the plots and themes of the story and turn them or twist them around into my own creation. If I'm not writing I usually make poems, quotes, or play music on my guitar.

I will warn you I usually think of everything in a poetic perspective.

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I am a:

-> Cover Maker:
If you need a book cover or even anything that has to do with graphics I have alot of experience with! I can do posters, add covers, book covers, profile pictures. I can do it all!

-> Book Editor:
I love to edit books! If you need a personal helper or editor with a book I will be happy to help as long as you show me credit for it. I don't work for free :3 Though if you are lucky I will volunteer and then it will be free!

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