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Yes, I'm sixteen. No, I'm not six. Yes I act like a kid. No, I don't care.
Yes, I'm single. No, I won't date you.
Yes, I like cats. No, I still like dogs.
Yes, I'm weird. No, I love normal.
Yes, I can drive. No, I won't drive you.
Yes, I'm pretty. No, I'm not conceded.
Yes, I'm bisexual. No, I don't care.

Yes, God may exists.
No, I won't force you to believe
Yes, I will treat you equally.
No, I don't judge.

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    mumbled "Love Is Not Real"

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    Child, I will tell you a secret
    A secret because no one else with hear it
    You must believe me
    You must know me

    You see
    I am
    To love

    It's not because of you
    It's not because of me
    It's because of the false capability
    To need
    To want
    To have
    To love
    And love is not real.

    Love is not real
    We have simply invented new words for lust
    A new word for want and for have
    So when we die, and when we rust
    We believe in the word so we are not halved

    Love is not real
    The eternity with another soul
    Is a fake heaven defined
    By the words we create
    Over Earth, over time

    Love is not real
    But as humans we are greedy
    As humans we are needy
    As humans we are fragile
    So we use love as our ignorance castle
    To protect against the truth

    Love is not real
    This is a truth untold
    But others may doubt it
    Others will block it
    More will set it down and fold
    They will not admit
    They will not commit
    Love is not real
    This is a truth untold

    And there will be few
    Who will try and corrupt you
    To believe in something so false
    Something so protected in lies

    But child I tell you
    Love is not real
    The feeling you may feel
    Is a corrupted drug unreal
    That we have created
    And shaped
    And used

    Child, listen to me
    Love is not real
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