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A former Literary Professor of Eastern U.S College. Formerly U,S Army and an author of many articles and stories. Is not married, Widower of over 20 years, lives alone with his CAT and Typewriter/Computer in Buffalo, NY.. Enjoys Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories. A big fan of Old School writers, Herman Wouk, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and A huge TREK fan... (Peter David)

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    mumbled "found a site or two for science fiction pictures. "

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    If anyone wants a look let me know to post them. I rather not be accused of spamming because no one is interested. A picture is said to be a thousand silent words, to tell what is going on with one glance. Take that picture and study it, and write about it... you will be amazed what kinda story you will get out of it...

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    TY... its for a friend, inspired by the ending of Braveheart (1995) the respect and honor of remembering them...
    My Death Scene (Dramatic)
    My Death Scene (Dr...
    Dramatic Death Scene for MM3 N.A Miller -- If anyone could have a DRAMATIC ending, what would it be? His happens to be Brave heart ending, throwing the blade to honor his memory. But to honor him,...
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    mumbled "Writing Prompt: "

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    This is with compliments of the Anne Frank House - Amsterdam Holland... a dozen young people spent the night in the museum where Anne, her family and the others originally hid from the Nazis until their capture and to meet their destines.

    They were instructed to write a letter to Anne Frank with this prompt:

    "If you could write a letter to Anne Frank, what would it say and tell her?"

    It is such an outstanding prompt that I asked permission to share this. I think it would VERY interesting to know what this group could come up with. Posts can be linked through Facebook to post it to Anne Frank House if you wish...

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    Welcome to Movellas, we are a writing site and literature site, hopes to re3ad a few of your stories. If you need help this community is great people and can help you...

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