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Who reads these things anyways?

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    mumbled "Lottery Boy giveaway "

    @[GeorgiaT] just got the lottery boy through from the giveaway today! it looks fab!
    5 years ago
    YAYAYAYAYAY!! I love giveaways. I just get so excited.
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    mumbled "Werewolf Trilogy "

    I know I've not wrote another chapter in ages guys, sorry!

    See, I started this story over one whole year ago and my writing style has changed since then and I also sort of lost interest in continuing. Yes, I have actually got a chapter or two more of completed drafts that are ready to publish so I might post them.
    I've been writing other stuff over the past year but I have always been a huge sucker for werewolves so I think I'm going to start these again.
    I actually feel so guilty when I check the new reads on this because I hate leaving people hanging ( I also know how it feels to be left hanging! ) so I think I'll continue this.

    No promises though - we'll see how it goes.#

    Lots and Lots and Lots of Love,

    P.S I hope I've spelled 'trilogy' correctly :/
    P.P.S. I'm not going to edit what I've wrote so far. I like looking back and seeing how I used to write and how my stuff has evolved ( cheesy! )
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    mumbled "Hunter"

    Hey guys! So it's offical! My new book is called Hunter! I am so excited for this but this time I will be publishing it chapter by chapter! The waits between the chapters shouldn't be too long but we'll wait and see how it goes! Bye!
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    mumbled "My new book!!"

    So I'm almost halfway through writing my prequel to 'Hunted'. It should be out soon but I don't yet have a proper date! I will be releasing the title of the book soon so be sure to check out my blog regularly! Thanks and goodbye!
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    mumbled "I have an idea!"

    Right today when I was blow drying my hair after my shower I had a great idea! Some people mentioned in their comments on Hunted that I should write either a prequel or sequel to it! Well I thought, why don't I write a prequel AND a sequel to Hunted! Yep so I'm currently writing the prequel that should be out soon enough and then after that I'll write the third book! Hunted is becoming a trilogy! Yay! Thanks for all the support so far!

    Please comment on what you think of my big idea below!