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I'm Filipa, i'm 21 and i live in Porto, Portugal!!!
I love One Direction.... and I’m really a big Directioner/CrazyMofo...
They make every single day more shinny for me. :)
I'm sooooooooo happy cause now i have found 5 "singing idiots" that make me more happier that i was and i found as well a whole family that is soooo suportive!!!!!! ;) ;) ;)
Directioner forever!!!!!
I’m really proud of the guys for all the awards that they won but mostly cause all the happiness and strength that they give to me and to all Directioners in the world.
I’m honestly can say that they made me laugh like i didn’t have done for a long time.
They give me back my hope and make me believe that still exist someone able to like me the way I am.
I'm so grateful cause the boys make me believe in myself again. I was lost since my mom died 6 years ago, but since 3 years ago i found myself again! And all of this good things wouldn’ t have happened if it were not for Niall,Liam, Harry,Zayn and Louis. Never stop what you’re doing!! You’re doing good things for us.


  • filipahoran
    6 years agoReply
    Hi! Can i have an imagine with Niall please?
    My name is Filipa But you can use/call me Lipa that's a short for my name, i'm 21 years old, i like a lot to read and i like food. I have brown hair and brown eyes, i have a little bit of weight. Can it be with Niall and all the boys. The day of the birth of our baby boy Liam Edward, that is the same day that Niall's birthday, starting with me telling niall that It's time to go to the hospital with the contractions and ending with the arrival at home from the hospital.
    If it can be!! Thank you :)
    Imagin for you!
    Imagin for you!
    Hi! I'm going to do imagine book-ich. I want you to decide who and what it's going to be about all I need is: Name Age Hobbies Description about yourself Friends How you will meet the boy/boys Which...
  • filipahoran
    6 years agoReply
    Can you please write an imagine for me with Niall? I had just started to read your imagines and they're really awsomes. I like it very much so far. :)
    I have brown hair and brown eyes. Filipa; Niall.
    Imagines for you :)
    Imagines for you...
    ok everyone if you want a imagine just comment whit who and your hair color eye color and name and i will write some thing to u!!!!!!!!!!
  • filipahoran
    6 years agoReply
    Can you please write an imagine for me with Niall pleassse?
    Filipa; Niall; happy; our son Liam Edward says is first word.
    I'll be really grateful to you if you write this imagine for me.
    P.S. Do you mind to make it alittle longer???
    Oh, i almost forgot, just wanna tell you that i started to read your imagines and i love it so far. Keep doing it :)
    Imagines (Taking Requests)
    Imagines (Taking...
    Comment: •your name •romantic, sad, dirty etc. •which member •any other thing you want
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