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    mumbled "New chapter! "

    Hey guys I haven't wrote in a while sorry about that!!! Anyways my book only had about 3-5 more chapters:( but I promise to make another one if you have any suggestion make sure to tell me ❤️
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    mumbled "Update "

    Hey guys I updated! Sadly this book is coming to an end very soon ���� but I will be making a new story when I'm done with this one! I hope you enjoy this update! I will be updating more often since school is over! Don't forget to like! ��so yea bye I guess ������
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    mumbled "Chapter 14!!!!"

    Ah guys so my book will be ending soon!! I know I know it's sooo sad but trust me there will be a lot more drama before it ends! So I just updated chalet 14! I know I haven't been updating a lot but school is almost over and I will be able to update more over the summer! Oh and be ready for a new book when this one is finished! Thanks guys for reading ily ��❤️
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    Update like right now!!!
    Band Romance: The new arrival
    Band Romance: The...
    Lina starts feeling sick, Ash starts taking care of her until Luke gets back from jail. Lina takes a test and she gets a shocking suprise. Mallory tries to win Michael back by spying on him and his "Friend",...
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