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    mumbled "new account"

    I'm starting a new account, this account will be just a prompt for new stories, though i will be writing one called Black and Blue (or blue and black?) my account will either be called Gemma or Gemma Punaro
    3 years ago
    You are so pretty. I'm jealous :)
  • little fishy🐠
    Title: V & Me
    Ideas: it's kind of a vampire fiction so something to do with vampires! I might go around to other cover stores because I'm desperate RN. I will use it for atleast a week though because it depends if I can get better :) thanks loads
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    Cover Store (OPEN)
    Cover Store (OPEN)
    Welcome to our cover store. If you ask us to make a cover, please at least use it for at least a week. *Cover for this store is subject to change*
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