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Hey. I don't really use movellas anymore but it is a great website.

If you actually like my writing (and I know this is a bit of self promotion) then maybe you could check out my account on Wattpad (sorry Movellas) on which I am called SourCoffee and I write fanfiction and the occasional novel :) thanks if you do and sorry for the self promo

About Me:
I read , like, a lot and I love books. I like the Harry Potter series, the Maze Runner trilogy, the Percy Jackson (and the Heroes Of Olympus) series, I could go on....and I also like to watch some tv series like Doctor Who and Sherlock and I've recently got into Supernatural as well. My Hogwarts house would probably be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff and my godly parent is either Athena or Posiedon.

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    mumbled "lolums!!"

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    Hiiii. So I read your bio, and you missed me! (I noticed you fanned me, thanks!) So here's my badge;
    It's a penguin! I'll fan you back if you put that in your bio! Thanks!
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    kk but at the mo I can't edit my profile $ some reason!
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