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hello there! my name is emily, I am 17 years old and I like photography and creative writing. you'll often find me wandering around a nearby forest looking for tree monsters or searching for secret passageways that lead to parallel universes.

tumblr: http://xfragilefigures.tumblr.com

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    mumbled "It's been way too long!"

    I apologise for the absolute lack of updates, I'm a terrible person I know. Everything has just been ridiculous recently and I have been so stressed out, I'm even considering moving schools at the end of this year as things are just not great and it's made me really, really unhappy. So I know that's no excuse but I'm hoping to write more frequently from now on, and I mean it this time! Our Days Are Numbered will be updated very soon, I promise!
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    mumbled "Actually proud of myself!"

    So today I went to a journalism course at a well known newspaper company and every day leading up to it for the past 3 weeks has just made me absolutely terrified. As a sufferer of severe social anxiety I'm surprised I could even get through the reception doors today. But thankfully I did, because I met 8 lovely people and literally had one of the best experiences with a top journalist and publisher who told me my travel writing could go far, (eek!) I even interviewed people on the streets about an article I had to write which is a huge ask from me so I'm super super happy that it went okay. Not to mention I was on the phone to my boyfriend crying until 4am this morning due to how completely terrified I was. (How he puts up with me I have no idea..), And he had some good news today so I'm ridiculously happy with how today went.

    Well anyway, enough about me, I hope you're all having a lovely day! c:
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    Why hello there strangers, I've been severely neglecting these stories and I'm so so sorry! But good news; my boyfriend has forced me to continue with them so those of you interested in Our Days are Numbered, yes it will get finished eventually! Hope you're all well! ♡
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    I'm not sure why I'm posting this but I feel like I need to tell someone, but oh my god, I went on a date today! With an actual boy! I say date, we literally just played call of duty and the last of us on ps3 all day but it was literally the most fun I've had in forever and I'm so happy okay please ignore this post I'm just in a good mood c:
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    Hi there, you're one of my seven invites to a group called the Directory. The Directory is a group of libraries based on different genres. If you're interested in joining at all, these are links to both The Directory and the rules. Thank you.
    The Directory: movellas.com/en/group/detail/20130710190..
    The Rules: movellas.com/en/group/bullettingtopic/20..
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    thank you again for reviewing! it really means a lot c:
    Comparing Movellas
    Comparing Movellas
    Welcome! This is just like book reviews, but comparing them to a similar story, like two werewolf books or such. Hope you find some good reads!!!
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    yeah no problem! You are to AMAZING to pass up :P
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