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Just a young author, aspiring for bigger dreams.
All these books are written by me, and not finished. Sorry.

  • Don't be naughty
    Don't be naughty
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    The girl
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  • Psychopath
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New Book! Psychopath

by , Monday May 8, 2017
New Book!  Psychopath


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    mumbled "Considering "

    2 years agoReply
    Should i continue writing my books?

    I am thinking of writing an MI5 based book where this girl falls in love with the boy sent to kill her. Any one want to see this? Also sooo happy to see 176K reads on my latest book :)
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    mumbled "Co-author?"

    3 years agoReply

    Hello my beauties,
    I have a new book idea... i know, scary!
    However, thanks to exams and terrible time management from my behalf, i will not be able to update it as frequently as i would like to.
    I was looking for someone to co-author with!
    This is my rough blurb and cover image!

    Please get in contact if you wish to help me. Love you guys!!

    ""Not even God can save your pretty, little thoughts from becoming dirty."
    His words rattled through my ears, forcing my body to scream with agreement but my mind shut him out unwillingly,
    "Whatever Lucifer, You shall never have me."

    Angelina, God's daughter, has been snatched from the comfort of Heaven and tormented by the king of all demons, Lucifer. There, she is forced to endure his snarky presence and battle her morals not to fall in love with her dad's worst enemy.
    But even the purest angel has some dirty secrets. "
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    mumbled "Rules to live by:"

    3 years agoReply
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    1) They are only feeling guilty because they got caught.
    2) If someone hesitates when choosing between you and another person, don't let them pick you.
    3) Feeling too much is better than feeling nothing at all.
    4) If you have nothing to be thankful for, check your pulse.

    These are the four rules i have sworn to live by. Hope they help!
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