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Was born in Romania... can speak English, Japanese and Uighur. Looking to learn more languages on this planet. I am getting tattooed soon. Due to my time in Romania in 1989- 1991 I developed autism and then ptsd post traumatic stress disorder. I have a flare for the macabre and grotesque yet beautiful because of that and my Eastern European heritage. I was put in the catholic school system where I was bullied for 12 years and graduated with not just a deploma but rage tendencies..... so I took to writing my screwed up mind down so I can live a life thought the spooky and macabre. I am multicultural and multicoloured..... I look bettter in real life. Due to my ptsd I might right about counter terrorisms so there might be some trigger warning if you are of the faint of hair. There’s is not pornography in my stuff as I am Muslim..... I believe in peace and use of words instead of violence. Violent behaviour will only lead to a dead end in my opinion.