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Hi! I just spent twenty minutes fake-updating all my books so the covers would be in rainbow order on my homepage. I haven't real-updated any of 'em in a year. No need to actually read one; that, right there, is as good as my content gets.

Okay, so now you've opted to read more, I'll turn off the sarcasm and use this section for its intended purpose, shall I? My name's Annie, and I'm an eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter/sometimes author from the UK. My current WIP is the same as it always has been: "Welcome to Emberly," a tongue-in-cheek YA urban fantasy whose modestly abysmal first draft can be found over in this direction somewhere ↗ ↗ ↗

The newest draft (which I'm too much of a coward to upload as of yet) has a plot and a main character and everything, would you believe, unlike the first one. All that's got is some dumb jokes, way too much cursing and a few dashes of extreme violence to wake you up.

That's enough shameless self-promotion for now, so if you'll excuse me, I'm off to think of some new and exciting ways to flog my mediocre music.

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    mumbled "I made an AMV!"

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    So my parents have been nagging me for ages to make some music videos for my songs to convince the YouTube algorithm to show them to more than, like, twelve people. Don't think this is quite what they meant, but I'm pretty proud of it. (It's a new, never-before-seen song as well. Wahey.)

    Almost didn't mumble it because of the *ahem* EXPLICIT content, but I figured that compared to some of the ads that have infested this site in recent months, it's all sunshine and rainbows. What do you think?
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    Oh awesome! I've sent a friend request, so we can discuss more there. That's cool that you're going to music college - hopefully yes you should be able to get recording quite soon.
    If all you're looking to do is record vocals/instruments quickly and easily by yourself, a USB condenser mic is a very fast and easy solution with pretty much identical sound quality to the much more expensive 'traditional' setup of an audio interface. Personally I'm very fond of my Blue Snowball, but I've got friends who quite like their bright blue shiny thing that they got from Behringer (probably) that I can't remember the name of. If you don't need to produce tracks, but you do want to record audio, Audacity has never failed me (though since I do need to produce tracks I don't really use it anymore).
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    Thanks, I'll see if I can find a mic. I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment though! :)
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    Fair enough. I'm in a similar position.
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    mumbled "#MovellasGS-March-2019"

    A trailer for @[Jem Wakefield]!
    I'd like to thank the Movellas Gift Society for forcing me to be productive in March. Sure, I neglected revision, coursework and socialising, but at least I did this one thing, right? Speaking of doing things, here are three things I definitely DID NOT do:
    1) Tell Jem I had her at the earliest opportunity
    2) Get her to help shoot the trailer
    3) Show the finished product to her before the deadline
    (In my defence I shot it in my house and we live together, so...)
    Anyway, @[Jem Wakefield], I hope you like the trailer. I really liked making it and getting back into the groove of video editing ;)
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    It's amazing!
    Jade Wolffe
    1 years ago
    Soooo amazing!
    1 years ago
    Thank you! ;)
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    I love the Harry Potter covers! ;)
    This is where I keep all of my art, based on different fandoms, and different Movellas (mine and other peoples). You can expect: Illustrations, Alternative Covers, Trailers, Moodboards and much more....
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    Can I join in March?? I only have one decent story unfortunately (Welcome to Emberly) but I'd love to be a part of this ;)
    Welcome to EmberlyThe city of Emberly is home to an urban legend like no other. Rumour has it that, when night falls, the streets are ruled by a shadowy being known as Ember...
    The Great Movellas Gift Society
    The Great Movellas...
    A perpetually renewing monthly 'Secret Santa' to give and receive fan responses to your work. Read the introduction chapters for information on how to participate.
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