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<(•~•)\ just saying ALL of my books will be found on wattpad also becouse movellas is being dumb and its making me mad and it wont let me publish. So you can find the rest of my books plus two more on wattpad. My user is emilyisapenguin137 /(•~•)>

hello there.

if you were a fruit you'd be a fineapple����

; dont let your story end

I believe that everyone, even me has self beauty. We are all beautiful, special, and perfect in our own way. This was the way I was created and im proud to say that im beauiful❤️

��i'd rather have one sunflower from him than a million roses from any other boy��

stuck between idc and idk

(If your steal reading this your the real MVP, but theres just a little left. Keep reading!)

swerve mofos

xx_profesh_fangirl_xx is my best fran deal with it.������

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    Oh, ps, I also have like 3 books that arent on here and their just on wattpad and 2 that are in the making. I have a connor franta (Mr. Shy) one im getting ready to publish and a kalin and myles (Best Friends) one. The ones I have that are published are no control (punk niall), all started with an app (matt) and brothers best friend (just fiction) so yeahh,
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