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  • Izzy.R
    4 years agoReply
    Love this adaptation! I'd appreciate it if you gave my poem a read, I entered the same competition as you X
    Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
    Shall I compare...
    Modern rewrite of Shakespeare's 18th sonnet.
  • Izzy.R
    4 years agoReply
    Great adaptation! I've never come across the original poem but your version definitely made me want to read it! I'd appreciate it if you gave my poem a read, I've entered for the same competition! X
    ''The Mother''
    ''The Mother''
    Rewriting ''The Mother'' by Robert W. Service/1874-1958/
    4 years ago
    You have to read the original poem-it's very good!
  • Izzy.R
    8 years agoReply
    I love this! Only read the first chapter but it is really good and I love the story idea you have about the matching program :)
    The Match Program was invented to help celebrities find lasting realtionships. And One Direction are no exception. How do you think Eleanor and Louis met? Harry and Niall are using the program to the...
  • Izzy.R
    8 years agoReply
    this is really good! i only read the first chapter though :L
    hope you are enjoying your holiday and check out my 1D story UP ALL NIGHT, get your friends to see it aswell <3 xx
    Beautiful Black Rock
    Beautiful Black...
    An old man rowing for the last time to his beautiful black rock... (My entry for the picture prompt competition)
  • Izzy.R

    mumbled "help!"

    9 years agoReply
    someone please help me! i want to write a new story and i have had noooo idea what to write or what to base the story on! give me ideas please!
    9 years ago
    You say you like hunger games and malorie blackman, and they are a definite genre. Maybe try to stick at that genre because you like it so much! I reckon you'd be amazing at that dramatic yet deep sort of stuff! xx
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