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Jacie here. SAGITTARIUS 4 LIFE. I'm 16 and I work as a Lifeguard during the summer because I'm just so talented. I mainly write Sci-Fi, so obviously I'm obsessed with Stargate. Lately I've been trying to read more stories on Movellas, so go ahead and hit me up if you want me to read something of yours.

#LUANNA <3 (my OTP)

Achievments on Movellas:

1. 11th place in The Yeti's Best Movella of the Year contest
2. Honorable Mention in the easter egg contest
3. Winner of the K.M. Weiland giveaway
4. Runner up in The Selection Competition with The Parfait Games
5. Winner of the Halloween Competition with Missing Connections
6. Honorable Mention in the Historical Fiction Competition (2017) with To Live or To Die

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    mumbled "This Is Goodbye"

    2 years agoReply
    I don't know how many people still read my posts, but for the few of you that are left, I'm leaving Movellas. Technically I guess I'm not leaving, but I will no longer be active on this account. I plan to restart under a new pen name that I feel better represents who I am as a person now and not 3 years ago when I originally joined Movellas. My old account (this one) account will NOT be deleted. It will stay up to preserve the awards I've won. I'm not going to disclose the new name I'll be writing under. A lot has happened to me in the last 5 or so months and I just need a new start. This is the end of Jacie XP. I wish you all luck with your writing and I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Hope Skyliner
    2 years ago
    Good luck :) I hope we find you again.
  • Jacie XP
    3 years agoReply
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    Hey, long time no chat! I was thinking about your story Paper Forests and I seem to remember you saying something about getting it published and then it was coming out sometime in Spring 2018. Is that actually gonna happen or am I remembering things wrong?
    the force of storms
    Hey! How have you been?
    At one point, I was hoping to have the story in a position where I could self-publish it in April, but my brain currently wants to write any story but that one, so instead I'm just aiming to have the first draft and some editing done by then.
    I'm thinking that everything - the editing, the cover, proof copies - will all be done over the summer, so the book will be out in the world in September. Hopefully.
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    mumbled "I've finally done it"

    3 years agoReply
    In seven months, five hours, and seven minutes, I have completed my first novel with 41 chapters, 358 pages, and 165,457 words. Take a moment to process all those numbers. This is a huge accomplishment for me as a writer. Now I'll be taking a short 2-4 day break before getting started on the short story I'm entering in the Sci-Fi competition. It will provide a break from my novel for me before I get cracking on revisions.

    "After everything I had been through, nothing would make me back down. I held her gaze, feeling the strength coursing through my veins. Mental strength. True strength. The very will to survive. Sometimes that’s all it takes."
    the force of storms
    Congratulations! That's a huge achievement :)
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    Do mosquitoes count as tiny demons?
    Iris Hale: HUNTER *NaNoWriMo Draft 2016*
    Iris Hale: HUNTER...
    *NaNoWriMo 2016*/ Periliares are a crafty bunch. You might know them as 'demons'. They hate that word. The idea that all of them are evil is idiotic. The same way all humans aren't evil, not all periliares...
    Molly Looby
    3 years ago
    I guess they do xD
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    mumbled "Almost Done :)"

    3 years agoReply

    And we're down to the final chapter. There's underground bunkers, golf, dancing, riddles, and those super cool domino lines. Have a very merry Christmas and try not to have an unfortunate death this chapter!
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