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  • kathrynholiday

    mumbled "Just finished outlining next chapter!"

    I just finished outlining the next chapter for "That One Thing!" It is entitled, "The Discovery." It should be a good one! :)
    7 years ago
    @LivingandLovingLife When I write outlines
    7 years ago
    The purpose of an outline is to create a rough set of points that you want to hit in your writing. It is strictly meant for guiding what you are writing.
  • kathrynholiday
    This is an interesting start, and I am excited to read more. It is good that you know to start new paragraphs whenever a new person starts speaking. Not too many people know that, and it really declutters the writing as a whole.

    Some of the phrases are a little wordy. They might need to be cut down to make it read more smoothly. I have nothing else to add after what the other people wrote. But I am interested to see more!

    Do you think you could check out my story too, and let me know what you think? Please and thank you!
    That One Thing"'Hey,' she said, grabbing his arm. When he turned to face her, the grief had melted away and was replaced with a startled expression. Evie knew her face...
    All Good Things Must End
    All Good Things...
    Natalie, a nineteen year old girl, meets pop-star, Harry Styles, after he spills her coffee on her. Love erupts and there is nothing stoping them.
    7 years ago
    thank you, ill take that into consideration and yeah ill check yours out now
  • kathrynholiday
    It is definitely a cool plot line! There is one thing I noticed though. Whenever there is dialogue (people speaking to each other), you have to start a new paragraph. Only exception is if it is the same person speaking. It will declutter the paragraphs and make it much easier to read!
    I can't wait to read more!
    Little Miss Tomlinson
    Little Miss Tomlin...
    Do you think it's easy being related to Louis Tomlinson? yeah, well you are wrong. Layla Tomlinson is Louis' little sister and her life isn't exactly easy. When she meets Amelia Scott, Layla befriends...
    we weren't sure whether to do that or not as we thought the paragraphs looked really small but if you think that would be better we will try and do that. we are glad you like the plot x
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