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Hello people. I'm a poem writer that lives somewhere in a small country.

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    mumbled "Hello, friends, I'm back after three full months."

    So hi everyone. I missed you all. Now I have time to write, read and post on the forums and groups. I love that!
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    I'm back!

    After a month, I come back. I'm actually new to this site, so I think you didn't know me.

    I'm a girl from The Netherlands. That loves all genres of Poetry.

    I have sweet friends here, but I love to make some new friends.

    Let's talk about your interests! :)
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    A little bit about yourself.

    Here you can tell something about yourself.
    7 years ago
    Hey there I'm Maddie, I'm 16 and I'm an aspiring writer and actress and I live in Yorkshire. God help me ;) Currently writing a book, I can't stop haha :D Feel free to take a look i'm in desperate need of CC. Favorite film is The Return of the King and my favorite books are the Chaos walking trilogy, if you haven't read them you seriously need to :P I've actually written a poem it's on my page if you'd like to look Jill? xx
    Maddie Marie
    7 years ago
    Hiya, my name is Madison (or Maddie). I am 13 years old and I love using creativity in everything I do. I love to write and I really love it when I see my writing improve. I write poems sometimes, but I do not publish them. I'm not a directioner and I like going against the crowd. I'm a definite werewolf fan ( ya I know not so against the crowd, but what can I say? I love those furies!). My favorite type of books to read is action/romance. And the last thing is I'ma Indiana farm girl ( woo! Hoosiers!) and proud. :)
    7 years ago
    My name is Finola, i'm 17, a Xenite and am an aspiring actress,filmmaker, zumba instructor and writer. I love animals, reading, writing, dance(zumba), acting(drama). My fave color is blue.
    I was a major vampire fan(i was twi-hard) not anymore, i do love the Vampire Dairies though. (Delena shipper) Some of my favorite films are the Chronicles of Narnia, The House of Flying Daggers, Prince of Persia, St Trinians and Hanna. My favorite tv series is Xena Warrior Princess, I love most books/films with strong-willed female characters. I mostly read fantasy, though i do enjoy historical fiction and sci-fi as well. Currently i am reading the first book in the Boudica quartet; Dreaming the Eagle. I am writing a full length novel at the moment, and about a third of the way through but don't plan to post it anywhere until it's finished. I'd be grateful if you would take a look at my story Xena Warrior Princess Sins of the Past and give some feedback(It is literally the story of the first episode from the Xena series). I have also started another story as more of a hobby then a proper project will post it when the first chapter is finished(hopefully) . :)
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