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  • Kell-Bell121
    I imagine thunder and lightning introducing us.
    Absolutely spell-binding my friend, love it!!
    A Very Movellas Halloween
    A Very Movellas...
    A select few movellians are getting spooky this Halloween... |Honerable mention in the HALLOWEEN competition| |Cover by Willow Angel|
    3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Kell-Bell121
    Indi!! She is no longer a horse, but a person (sometimes I wonder if she wasn't a human the whole time)!!! :D
    She looks exactly as you describe her; stubborn and with a real attitude!! LOVE IT!!!
    And how did Chelsea like her drawing?? I bet she was stoked!!
    Chelber's Art Gallery
    Chelber's Art Gall...
    Hark! I draw!
    4 years ago
    Oooh, Indi's a sneaky one, I wouldn't put it past her! XD Since I'm her mum, I'm gonna have to re-design myself as a middle-aged woman XD THANK YOU!!
    She said she did, and I think she liked it! I really hope so ;^;
  • Kell-Bell121

    mumbled "May is BPD Month"


    May is BPD awareness month, and we are making people aware of it by posting this image in our mumbles and then writing one thing you love about your looks (external), and one thing you love about your personality (internal).

    I have to say this is a great idea of @[ChelberNo1] and @[Music Saved Me] I know someone who suffers from this and am glad to get some awareness out in any way I can.

    External- I like my cheek bones, They are there and I must thank them for always being there for me :)

    Internal- My imagination, it is great to be able to dream and see things in my mind's eye :D
    4 years ago
    Ha!! It worked, magic!! Thanks @[Willow Angel]
    4 years ago
    I'm glad you have such a good relationship with your cheekbones :) Not many people do, these days...

    But yeah. It's good to raise awareness for things that people often overlook :(
    Enby Angel
    4 years ago
    Woo! :D
  • Kell-Bell121
    This. Is. Awesome!!!! I can't wait for more!!! I bet Dayni could, though!! :D
    Child's Play
    Child's Play
    It's only the end of the world, after all. ||Cover by ChristinaH||
    4 years ago
    Thank you so much!! Yeah, Dayni isn't going to be happy XD
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