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I'm Kemi. I'm a directioner. I <3 Niall. I love to write One Direction fanfic and scary stories.
I love food and candy.
I love to hang out with my friends. :D
Louis Tomlinson- Sass Masta from Doncasta and Boobear
Harry Styles- Hazza
Liam Payne- Daddy Directioner
Zayn Malik- DJ Malik and Bradford Badboy
Niall Horan- Nialler and Baby Penguin <(")

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    Anothet one can be like he said he hated me and slept with another girl but we made up and now I'm pregnant we're having quintuplets!!! Just no!!!
    Dumb Fanfiction Moments
    Dumb Fanfiction...
    Here are some dumb fanfiction moments that I just don't understand or want to share with you guys. Thank you all for reading! <3 ~Sophiee Horrann c;
  • Kemi Horan
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    Love it! I have faith in you! You're an amaZayn author! This story is gonna be a hit! Update soon love xx
    Bad & Irish +16
    Bad & Irish +16
    *WARNING; Will contain violence,cursing language and sex scenes.* "I Think I'm Falling In Love With My Husband's Twin-Brother" - Santana Horan
  • Kemi Horan
    7 years agoReply
    It's great love plzz update xx
    Hello, I'm Your Daughter
    Hello, I'm Your...
    *THEY ARE FAMOUS IN THIS* Hi! I'm Stella! I'm six years old, and my mommy said my daddy doesn't know about me! I think his name is Louis, I really want to meet him someday, but when? Mommy said she was...
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    More!!! Update love xx
    perfectly imperfect
    perfectly imperfec...
    Sylvia has been bullied pretty much the majority of her high school life. This has lowered her self-esteem to an all time low and has difficulties eating. But, what she doesn't know is that someone is...
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