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"Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain."
"A real girl isn't perfect and a perfect girl isn't real."
"changing is for weirdo's"
"I try to be cool...but I'm not very good at it."

The loneliest people are the KINDEST. The saddest people smile the BRIGHTEST. The most damaged people are the WISET. All because they do not want wish to see anyone suffer the way they d

Dont judge a person by looking at them. If you see some weirdo walking in the hallway, take a chance and talk to them. That's exactly how I met the one person that lit my life up, made me laugh until I seriously shit my pants, and cried with me through every struggle in life. He isn't with me anymore and even though his parents thinks he's some place burning, I think he's peacefully resting from all the shit he got. I love the crap out of this guy and I'm proud to say he's the awesomest person who ever lived. (I wrote this in memory of my weirdo Alec)

"You can't cage up a hurricane...im like the wind...I move freely!"

fav Bands:
Sleeping With Sirens
Black Veil Brides
Dance Gavin Dance
One Direction^•^ (dont judge. It just happened)
Pierce The Veil
Green Day
5 seconds of summer

I dont give a fuck if youre gay, straight, bi, lesbian, black, white purple, fat, skinny, ugly, gorgeous, youre perfect to me and that's all that matters. We're all humans at the end. I know, I know, no ones perfect, blah blah blah but I'm an optimistic person^•^ I will respect you if you respect me. And no I'm not a poser...just because I love every type of music dont mean I'm a wannabe scene, emo, or gothic person. (all respect to those who are.)

i love One Direction.
Harry is my bae.
Niall is my panda bear.
Louis is my fuck buddy.
Liam is my homeboy.
fav color: purple.
fav song: cry me a river.
fav book: i have none. Every book I've read is my favorite.
fav 1D song: More Than This! (I suffer in silence)
birthday: 2/6/00
i hate my phone...
I like Micheal Bublé...
i have a dirty mind *its a sexy mind actually.
i write...alot.
i sing.
i draw.
i guess you can say I'm multi talented. Idk my friends say that.
I'm a llamacorn from Narnia!!!
I don't really care about people judging me...eh. Could be worse no? I got better shit to do than to worry about someone's stupid opinion when they don't even bother to opinionate about themselves. Judgment is life, I could either choose to listen to it and be miserable or block everything out and go on enjoying my awesome Directioner life❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤... I could go on with the hearts but there's never be an end to my love of One Direction.
well...that's it i guess.
bye peoples!��✌

  • PinkFluffyLlamacorn!

    mumbled "my life sucks...•-•"

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    Ok so I spent my Christmas away from my family. I was stuck in a behavioral center for about a week, then I had to go away down to lower Texas against my will. My mom and dad are fighting for my custody so I had to go live with my grandma in lower Texas for a while....there's no fucking signal in lower Texas •-• so basically I was without a phone for like...forever. I gave up after a while and used the house phone to call my friends. It was actually better than texting in a way....yeah no texting is better. Anyways, my best friends had a sleepover back home and decided to call me, my grandma answered and she thinks I'm a lesbian now from the sexual things my friend Elizabeth said. Oh I love my best friend. Well time away from my phone gave me time to read and write. It was fun •-•
    Once I got back home with my dad, all the messages starting popping in and it seriously took like half an hour for all of them to come in. I felt so popular ^•^ anyways, my grandma has this boyfriend that could possibly be her son, I mean, I believe that there's no age in love but goddamn! She's 59 and he's barely 22. I swear my family is so fucked up. I also don't like the fact that they talked about...sexual things at the kitchen table, I was kind of disgusted, god knows what they did on that table. *shivers* my grandma's boyfriends son was pretty creepy. I walked in on him watching porn in his room...im kind of convinced he's gay now....•-• yeah. Possibly bisexual because he was being pretty creepy and told me I had a nice body. Yup probably.
    I have this huge bruise the size of a softball cause I fell off trying to take Rudolph off the roof. It hurts like a bitch!
    So I've been feeling like shit lately, my parents threw me a party for my coming back but instead they ended up fighting afterwards about the whole custody issue, they seriously made me feel like shit. I feel more like a trophy to see who can get what the other can't have. I mean, I'm I really their child or just a charity award?
    So my parents argument went something like this yesterday...
    Mom: blahblahblah (idk what she said)....you were over there dancing with god knows what diseased woman!
    Dad: but I didn't cheat the way you did! You slept with my brother Lauren! Why do you think I asked for a divorce!
    Me: *walks into living room*I like pie •-•
    Mom: don't act like you were such a saint either. You can't keep blaming me for the divorce.
    Dad: blahblahblah (idk what he said) blahblahblah (talks bullshit about how he was always there for me and my sisters) blahblahblah!!! I don't love you anymore and you can't accept the fact that I'm getting married!
    Me: we ummmm...ran out of pop tarts •-•
    Mom: stop being strange Kim, go sleep or something.
    Dad: just don't go trying to kill yourself again.
    Me: *jaw drops* well then....I guess I will go kill myself. Douche bags.
    Mom & Dad: *continue arguing*

    I mean...am I seriously an annoying person? Should I just go take a blade and hit an artery so I can die and stop annoying my parents? I really feel like I should. They say they love me but I know they're just trying to bug the shit out of each other by taking my custody. I'm seriously starting to feel like a trophy of war. There's so much I can take before even 'I love you' starts to sound like a lie.
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    true some times ur parent even say hindrance for them
    The Christmas Cactus
    "*walks into living room*I like pie •-•
    we ummmm...ran out of pop tarts •-•"
    But sorry about what's happening :(
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    Oh I love you Sam.

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