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    mumbled "Explanation for missing updates"

    Haven't really had the time to write, because I had to finish a gift for my mom and then I had to make a new bag for my new phone. First day of school is tomorrow and I don't know if I'll have time, maybe first in a few months, but I'm in ninth grade now, so all is gonna be about the exams this year and it's gonna be hard, but I'll try to find the time to write. I really miss writing!
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    I'll update as soon as I've got time, which is probably first in summervacation, because school's gonna be hard the last couple of weeks and I need to focus on that and not have my mind a thousand other places at once.
    Soul mate connection
    Soul mate connecti...
    Harry has had dreams of soul mates for years and he sees them meet too, at the same time as he faints. His friends Niall and Niall' boyfriends Liam, just wants him to find his own soul mate, and he does...
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    mumbled "Pause"

    Holder en pause et stykke tid og så vil jeg begynde på 'New time traveller' den lange version. Jeg skal nok komme med mere snart, men jeg vil gerne nyde noget der kaldes ferie. Ikke at jeg ikke nyder at skrive, men jeg kan bare godt finde andre ting at lave. Yep læse Larry fictions, Larry Forever. I'm obsessed, don't help me!
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    Jeg håber på Niall. Den er virkelig god ♥
    As Long As I loved You First ~[1D & JB]
    As Long As I loved...
    Layla Loxley er Niall Horans bedsteveninde. Hun kender alle hans hemmeligheder bortset fra én ; At han er forelsket i hende. Hun tager til Canada, og hvem skulle tro, at man kunne støde på Justin Bieber...
    Maria G.
    7 years ago
    Tusind tak. c:
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