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I'm Lauren, I love writing Fictional stories, particularly with romantic and supernatural themes. I decided to join Movellas, because so many people who use it, (like my best friend) recommended it to me and they say it is an AMAZING writing site. i also think it will give me inspiration for my stories and urge me to read different books (I've read Harry Potter too may times!) I hope you all enjoy my stories :)

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    I think this guy in my class likes me, but I'm not sure. One of his friends keeps asking me what's up with you and X... I don't know if I like him back or not and I don't really have the courage to talk to him. AAARGHH.
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    Hello, I think this story has a potentially great story plot :) I'm a bit sad that you are choosing to stop writing this story yourself though because you have a great writing style :) this is my idea for the 'Date' chapter ⬇️

    I was nervous, not the 'oh my god, that stranger in a dark hoodie is gonna kill me' nervous, but an all over tingly nervous. I was sitting on one of the large Luxurious beds that me and my mum had been sleeping in for the last few nights. I had no idea where he was taking me, and I had only been told the time and the dress code; "smart/casual." I had so far laid out most of my clothes and had been undecided for over
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    "Lucas likes you, Danie!" My bestfriend, Kassy, said as she huffed. I'm Danielle, just another nerd who watches Harry Potter. A nerd that is sometimes considered beautiful but I don't believe it. When...
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    mumbled "HOLIDAYYYYY"

    Helllloooooo! So if you don't know me personally, you probably don't realise that i am on holiday :) I'm currently staying on a farm in Devon/Dorset, with my parents and dog. My sister however, doesn't arrive until tonight and she will only be here until we leave (with her, of course) which is a mere 4 days away! I might be inspired while I'm here, so look out for updates on my stories, hey, there might even be a new one! I hope you guys are having a FABULOUS summer holiday, wherever you are, and look forward to getting my writing mojo back on :) Heres a picture of me eating a second portion of Mcdonalds fries on the way to the farm....
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    I think you forgot to insert the picture!
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    yeah. for some reason it wouldn't let me :(
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    Aaaaaaaahhghghtcjejc the FEELS!! (I'm a feels book Junkie! I������������)
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    Niall and Cindy have known each other since birth, they were best friends since. Their families were very close. By age 14, Cindy's dad got a once in a life time job offering in Ontario, Canada meaning...
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    You really need to update- I �� it x
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    Sink or Swim
    Elizabeth is a champion swimmer, living her father's dream of sports stardom. Over summer, she is shipped off to a summer camp for gifted teens - on the condition that she keeps her head focused on scholarships...
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