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I have loved to read ever since I was little. I am especially fond of romance and fantasy novels. I am also an aspiring writer, though I am hoping my writing is not insufferable to others. I am always open to chat! Cheerio! (Cheerio? Who on earth still says cheerio...?)
Also, love this:
Book:Lover (booklover) n. 1. A person devoted to reading 2. One who would rather stay inside and read than go outside and play 3. Someone who gets lost in a story and loves to dream with open eyes... Beware: never disturb a book lover when he/she is reading. Results can be fatal.

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    Hello! I used to write on this site loooong ago. But then university happened (and is still happening :P ). I'd really love to meet new people here all over again, so feel absolutely free to pm me. We could exchange advice on our stories or simply talk in general :) I can also read your story if you like and you could check out mine (only if it's in your tastes). The link to my story is:
    A Witch, a Curse and a DragonIf there is a curse, there is a witch. This was the fundamental knowledge that guided the Prince's life. Immediately after this comes the question: "How...

    It's a fantasy novel but I also spiced it up with a bit of romance (a lot of romance actually but it's a secret).
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    Hey! Nice to meet you!
    4 months ago
    Thank you ^^
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