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    mumbled "New and improved!"

    So I haven't been getting on recently because I'm 21 and have adult things to do with my life now sadly lol but I am rewriting my Song Of The Past story cause I just don't like how I was going with it too fast and stuff so definitely check it out in a little when I post it! :)
  • Link_Between_The_Past
    This is great! Keep it coming! :D
    Throughout the dusk; a creature with four limbs is seen on their night watch. Two pure circles surround the watchmen. Every time a star shines- a new moment holds a memory close to heart. Four wheels leave...
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    mumbled "New Story!"

    Song Of The PastThis is the story about a girl who was once an object. She was turned by hate, loneliness, and pain into a destructable force. She held magic so rare,...

    Even if you never heard of Fairy Tail, still come read! You'll still understand the story and everything. :)
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    @[Link_Between_The_Past] Hey! I'll check it out (:
    Will you check out my story? FEAR? I'd love a review.
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