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My name is Ellie. My PJTO OC is Jenna Parker, daughter of Phobos, the god of fear.

Profile pic credit to @Carmie-chan.

*you open the book*

*you see girl with brown curly hair*

I told you to stay out! Oh well.

I am a witch. I'm a Hufflepuff.

I am a demigod, daughter of Phobos, the god of fear.

I am a pegasister. I am a unicorn.

I love Marvel. I am Rocket Raccoon.

I like my dogs and my cat.

They are named Popcorn, George, and Happy.

My YouTube channel is Sarcastic Writer.

My PicCollage is Twilight_Sparkle_And_Ink_Quill.

Brynna S. is awesome. She is my friend.

Disney's Hercules is my jam!

Same for 'The Emporer's New Groove'!!!!!!

I cannot handle sugary things. Unless laughing uncontrolably counts. It'd be like :

Me : *eats sugary things*

Person : Hey, Ellie, my dog died.

Me : Hahahaha ha ha snort! Ha hahahahaha!!!


*spins cape you didn't notice I was wearing*

I am mystical, magical, and all around-

*falls over*


*stands up quickly*

You did not see that........

*sits back down at computer*

I'm updating my summary.


Ok, I'm done.

*spins cape again*

I'm a superhero, too! Yay!

*falls over again*


I am the goddess of sarcasam, cats, and sand (don't ask.)

Ok, now we're all standing. Just a bunch of jackasses standing in a circle.
-Rocket Raccoon

Yeah, like that really funny movie where the dog dies?

Uh, does anybody else think Billie Tri Cipher is awesome?

HIGH FIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*spins in chair*


*falls off*


*gets back on*

I'm bored. Give me something to do!

I love Movellas so much because I feel it is filling the void of not being able to publish fanfictions. Plus, here, I can get feedback for my work! Yay!