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    Heyyyyy I've been gone for a while I'm sorry BUT THANK YOU FOR 10.2K VIEWS ON UNEXPECTED IM SO HAPPY!!! Im starting to write more books on wattpad so if you want to follow me there its - @Ashton_Life123
    If you want me to continue writing on here I won't mind posting the same book on here :) Im really happy to be back and I hope you guys enjoy the stories I'm writing (There's already one story on there but its a joke so I didn't put much effort) Thank you guys for reading my stories and I hope you will continue :)
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    Ok so I've been gone for a while but im back!!.. I'm going to post new chapters every Monday and Friday so I won't be under pressure with all the posts. Also since I was gone for a while I'll post an extra chapter tomorrow! THANK YOU FOR THE AMOUNT OF VIEWS YOU GUYS BLOW MY MIND OMG!!! even if I was gone for a long time you're still here and that makes me so grateful so thank you! P.S I'm following everyone back.. this is my true thank you so again thank you! <3 :) I love you guys!
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    Love ya too! ��
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    WOOO This story is amazing gosh!!!!!!!!
    dead XD
    The Bad Boy
    The Bad Boy
    He was the one that everyone in school was scared of... He had been to jail several times and he had a bad record. He had lots of tattoos, making him look tough and scary to some students. His name was...
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    Throwback thursday

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    HELLOOOOOOO IM A PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............

    Anyways Question of the day is slacking so I'm gonna do Throwback Thursday and it'll be on thursdays but it will be on my mumbles so I'm still doing Bandom Talk. but if you want me to keep doing Questions of the day let me know :)
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