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Bands Are life ����
Melanie Martinez
5SOS (Duhh)
Fetus Leo Decaprio

  • Emely X
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    Aww I'm sorry i hope you will get better don't rush take all the time you need
    The Hemmings Family. (The babysitter sequel.)
    The Hemmings Famil...
    He was her babysitter, her lover and her baby daddy. But what happens when he suddenly asks her to marry him? Will everything go as planned for the Hemmings family? Or will something get in the way and...
  • Emely X
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    Please update
    Teen Agents ( L.H)
    Teen Agents ( L.H)
    "Hi my name is Emily you can call me "Em" I'm from 'LA' and I'm 16 my mom and dad decided it was best if we moved to Australia, Sydney without out me knowing why we were moving
  • Emely X
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    Name: Emely
    Description: brown hair with red tips and and caramel skin brown eyes kinda tall skinny
    Personality: i am shy but once i. Get out of my shy stage im a goofball and punk rock with a hint of girly
    Hobbies: singing playing drums and drawing
    Style skinny jeans crop tops color black and sometimes pastels
    ғallιng ѕтarѕ ✗
    ғallιng ѕтarѕ ✗
    Dylan's your average hardcore girl who thinks Luke Hemmings is like every other celebrity, a stuck up, egotistical, punk rock wannabe, but maybe Luke isn't as bad as she thinks... Read to find out!...
    Emely X
    5 years ago
    And 3 random facts: i wear hipster glasses. I ALWAYS wear braclets , i like to dye my hair
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    Please update again:)
    He Was Born Because of Me
    He Was Born Becaus...
    Alexia and Alex have been best friends since they could walk. However, Alex's dad had to move his family away to Massachusetts, which was too far away from California to visit. When Alex turns sixteen,...
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