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Self employed artist
Fine Art student in UK

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Instagram: Wet_paintbrush
Twitter: @paintbrushwet
Flikr: Wet_paintbrush
Soundcloud: Wet_paintbrush

  • Lucifer's Kiss

    mumbled "Socials!"


    I'm so happy to see most of you cherubs are still active.
    I have some exciting news and would love if you guys got involved!
    I have a few new socials I would love you to follow and support.
    Twitter - Wet_paintbrush
    Flikr - Wet_paintbrush
    Instagram: Wet_paintbrush

    (There's hopefully a website and facebook coming soon.)

    Thanks everyone
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    mumbled "The Return"

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    It's been over two years since I was on here and I now looking over my old stuff, thankful that I didn't delete it and erase myself from this place.
    Coming back to Movellas has made me look at my old work, especially my poetry and right now it's the only medium of expression I have.
    Hoping that I will continue to produce work on here, two years on.
    Lucifer's Kiss
    2 years ago
    @[Le Fox] Hey, thanks. How's things been?
    Le Fox
    2 years ago
    Things are good, though exam prep's got me freaking lol.

    How are you? :)
    Lucifer's Kiss
    2 years ago
    I'm good. Uni's fun...:)
    Exams will be fine. You'll ace them!

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