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Hey there, person who is reading my description!!!
It's nice to meet you! Well, sorta... Anyway, My name is moonlight dreaming, you can call me moonlight....or dreaming. Whitchever is more comfortable for you. I like drawing, reading, playing video games, and dogs. Also cats, I just know more about dogs than cats. I don't even know their different types of breeds.(I only know siamese) Getting off topic here... sorry. Well hope you "enjoyed" my long bio *sarcasm*
OH! Also, I don't really care what other people say or think about me. I've had people hate my guts and say it to my face. So I'm used to it. Welp! Hope you become a fan! BYE!!! :D

  • Moonlight dreaming

    mumbled "Lol. Not dead."

    Okay, sorry for not posting......for about what, half a year? I'm not dead! Just to let you know in case anyone was worrying about me. (I doubt anyone was) Anyway, I'll try to keep a regular posting. Not like a schedule, just post more often. Alright, bye! XD
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