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Gotta Blast���� -Alisha

  • lovelyalisha

    mumbled "LOGGED BACKED"

    THE FACT I REMEMBER THE PASSWORD IS SHOCKING BUT I CANT I REMEMBER MY INSTAGRAM PW. Im 15 now not that anyone cares but I just realized how cringy i was when I was little kms.
    Le Fox
    3 years ago
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    Hey! Welcome back! :)
    3 years ago
    @[Le Fox] Thank youuu <3
    Kerry Workman
    11 months ago
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  • lovelyalisha

    mumbled "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

    I just got to old town. everything looks the same :P my mom was so happy to see me and my sis is being weird XD lml so how's is your guys summer?
    5 years ago
    @[Lozzie-san] its going well thanks my ex keeps bothering me but it is going great. XD I hope summer comes soon for you
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